Splendid bitter chocolate with 90% cocoa solids returns to the candy drawer!

Splendid bitter chocolate with 90% cocoa solids returns to the candy drawer!

Photo: Courtesy of Studio Strauss

Splendid bitter chocolate with 90% solid cocoa Back to the candy drawer!

The leading and beloved brand expands the series of chocolate bars and launches “Splendid” 90% cocoa solids for dark chocolate lovers.

After the beloved premium brand Splendid returned to the shelves with “Splendid” 70% and 85% cocoa solids, now the Strauss Group is bringing back another product in the series – “Splendid” 90% cocoa solids, in a recipe developed, also together with Barry Kalibo, one of the largest and leading cocoa companies In the world of chocolate.

The indulgence and health trends in recent years mean that premium chocolate with high cocoa solids is seen as the preferred choice. Splendid 90% meets these two trends – it has a deep taste of the cocoa mixture, which originates from the Ivory Coast and Ecuador, and it is also without the sugar label.

According to Stornext data (2021), the market value of the chocolate bars category is estimated at approximately NIS 550 million, the premium segment accounts for approximately NIS 120 million, with Splendid leading the segment with a market share of approximately 33.7%.

Photo: Courtesy of Studio Strauss

As part of Strauss and Elit’s preparations to return all chocolate products to the shelves, the chocolate will be produced in the coming period at the Barry Kalibo factory in Germany and cast at the Kimes factory in Belgium. Later, production will return to the chocolate factory in the Galilee landscape in Israel.

  • Weight: 100 grams
  • Kosher: fur in the D.C
  • Shelf life: 18 months
  • Allergens: not suitable for celiacs.
  • The product is clearly marked on the front of the package and does not have the familiar flower symbol on it. It also has changes in allergens.

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