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SPOLTORE. The Solisti Aquilani with Ugo Pagliai and Paolo Fresu and the accordion by Cesare Chiacchieretta with Daniele Di Bonaventura will be the protagonists today of the sixth and last evening of the 39th edition of the Spoltore Ensemble, which is preparing to close with a flourish a historical overview of art, music, theater and shows for the first time spread over six days in order to allow the widest possible participation of the public and, in this way, to compensate for the limitations and restrictions, even numerical, in terms of attendance, caused by Covid.

The square of Largo San Giovanni, in the heart of the historic center of Spoltore, will once again be the theater for an evening of excellence. The Quintet of I Solisti Aquilani – or Rocco Roggia, violin – will open at 9 pm; Daniela Marinucci, violin; Margherita Di Giovanni, viola; Simone De Sena, cello; Giovanni Ludovisi, double bass – with Ugo Pagliai and Cesare Chiacchiaretta at the bandoneon with the show “Happy Birthday, Astor!”, A tribute to Astor Piazzolla 100 years after his birth. Virtuoso del bandoneón Piazzolla was also and above all a cultured composer, one of the most important of the twentieth century, who revolutionized the history of tango. Overwhelming, passionate, romantic, surprising: the music of the Argentine composer will be the protagonist of a dialogue between the chamber ensemble of I Solisti Aquilani, the penetrating and evocative sound of the bandoneon by the Chieti musician Cesare Chiacchiaretta and the texts by Piazzolla himself and the most important ones. poets of Argentine literature interpreted by one of the most important Italian actors, Ugo Pagliai.

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At 10.30 pm grand finale with the concert of Paolo Fresu, on trumpet and flugelhorn, and Daniele Di Bonaventura, on bandoneon. A dialogue in music in the name of air instruments and a lyricism with Mediterranean aromas. Already together with the Corsican voices of the A Filetta choir in the project “Mistico Mediterraneo” and the album of the same name, Fresu and Di Bonaventura find themselves here in the smaller dimension of the duo. A poetic extraction of the magical interplay of the mother project, which for some time now characterizes their increasingly frequent encounters that have become, over time, original and autonomous projects. Their understanding led them to record “In major”, a new duo album released again for the noble Ecm productions, in the spring of 2015. An impressive concert that thrives on intimacy and small things that tell the great colors of contemporary musical universe. The town band and the major international awards, the Sardinian countryside and records, the discovery of jazz and the thousand collaborations, the love for small things and Paris. There are very few people capable of putting together such a primer of elements and transforming it into an incredible and fast stylistic growth. Paolo Fresu has succeeded.

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