Sport and culture in primary school: let’s go for the 2024 season at the CEB de Gourcy2 | AIB

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2023-11-20 14:48:59

Sport and culture in primary school: here we go for the 2024 season at the CEB de Gourcy2

Gourcy,(AIB) – The Basic Education District (CEB) of Gourcy2 launched its sports and cultural season for the 2023-2024 school year this Wednesday, November 15, 2023 in Niessega.

After the village of Rogo, it was Niessega which hosted the official launch of the sports and cultural season of the CEB de Gourcy2 this Wednesday, November 15, 2023. The meeting marking the start of the competitions took place between the Niessega school “C” to that of Koundouba “B”. At the final whistle, it was Niessega “C” who signed the first victory of the competition by winning with the smallest score of 1 goal to 0. The launching ceremony was attended by the Provincial Director in charge of education of Zondoma Karim Sawadogo. Before the kick-off, the Provincial Director facilitated the CEB actors for their mobilization in this ceremony which, according to him, demonstrates the interest they place in the activity. For him, beyond the game, sport and culture occupy an important place in the education process of students. As for the head of the District Patoim Sankara surrounded by his closest collaborators, he invited teachers, parents, students as well as other partners to play their part for the smooth running of the season which has just ended. open under the theme: “Interculturality, a factor of resilience in our school”. The CEB of Gourcy2 has 66 public and private primary schools, 370 teachers and more than 15,000 students. The final phases are scheduled for May 2024.


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