Spotify is considering bringing the integration with Facebook to the mobile app as well

Spotify is considering adding a new feature to the mobile apps of the service that already exists in its desktop version: integrating with Facebook to learn what friends are hearing.

This is about adding a tab called ‘Community’ to the app. Under this label he will be able to use, after confirming the connection between the app and Facebook, to see what his friends on the social network are hearing at that very moment. Beyond that it will be possible to follow playlists, as well as see different preferences.

As mentioned, this is actually an import of the feature from the desktop version of the feature, which is one of the options in the side menu. Beyond following the music preferences of Facebook members one can also examine the variability of the various playlists.

after The exposure on Twitter Spotify has confirmed that it is working on the feature, although it is in the early stages.


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