Spreading light: the Israeli lighting designers who honor us

Lighting fixtures are considered a design item that gives the space where they are placed a unique touch. More than once we will discover that these are real works of art. In recent years, Israeli lighting designers have moved to the front of the stage, who, along with bursting creativity and endless talent, bring us a lot of respect in the world, when they win international awards and their works become a household name all over the world.
Along with the design enthusiasts, we will find that among many consumers the awareness of choosing high-quality, designed and customized lighting fixtures for the various rooms of the house has also increased. The working methods of the designers are getting better and better and also the extensive use of various raw materials such as wood, brass, metal and glass make the lighting fixtures a design item that is an integral part of the general look that we would like to give to the space where they are placed.

Lighting designer Assaf Vinbrom (Photo: Aya Vind)

Asaf Winbrom (41) is considered one of the leading lighting designers in Israel, with his lighting fixtures being hosted by the company in many homes in Israel and around the world. Winbrom, a graduate of the Industrial Design Department in Shenkar, has been active for years in the local and international design scene, with his works moving on the seam between design and art: designing wooden lighting fixtures while combining traditional work techniques and contemporary technologies. He is known for the minimalist line that characterizes his works and his favorite material is wood. Winbrom is fascinated by the power of the straight cut in the natural material.
In the new Winbroom show room in Tel Aviv you will discover a concept store that is both a studio and an experimental laboratory in the style of merci in Paris – a total experience of a designer. The show room is located near the carpentry and the electrical plant – a proximity that allows special creative freedom and interesting experimentation with a variety of materials. Instead you will discover lighting fixtures with an intriguing and different design in the landscape.

Asaf Winbrom Show Room – Bar Yohai 20 Tel Aviv
Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday: 9:00-16:30

Industrial designer and artist Dor Carmon (Photo: Gal Gaon)Industrial designer and artist Dor Carmon (Photo: Gal Gaon)

The industrial designer and craftsman Dor Carmon is a graduate of the industrial design department at HIT and has been working in the field of industrial design for nearly 15 years. In 2013 he established a studio bearing his name. Carmon stretches the limits of the use of different technologies and materials and offers, in addition to lighting fixtures, mass-produced and limited edition products. In the past, Carmon Studio designed the confession couch in the Big Brother room, the smoking couch and the island in the kitchen of the most famous house on television.

LOTUS swing ceiling fan from Technolite designed by the designer Dor Carmon (Photo: Studio Dor Carmon)LOTUS swing ceiling fan from Technolite designed by the designer Dor Carmon (Photo: Studio Dor Carmon)

Carmon received international recognition when, in May of this year, together with the swing ceiling fan brand from Technolite, it won the iF DESIGN AWARD for design excellence in the Building technology category, alongside prominent international brands such as Amazon’s Ring and Google’s Nest. The winning ventilator designed by Carmon was inspired by the lotus flower and hence its name Lotus. The award that Carmon won together with Technolite is considered one of the most important design awards in the world, which has been awarded for 70 years by the independent design organization International Forum of Design.
The uniqueness of the Lotus model swing fan by Technolite and Carmon is in a molded body structure in one unit: blades, motor and lighting. Using plastic injection, Carmon created the unibody structure consisting of only 6 screws. The aerodynamics achieved thanks to this unique technology allowed for quiet and efficient airflow. The remote control and the smart functions allow control of speed and light in favor of a functional and aesthetic cooling solution.

Product designer Dan Yafet (Photo: BORIS HODONOU)Product designer Dan Yafet (Photo: BORIS HODONOU)

Designer Dan Yafet (49) studied industrial design at Bezalel in Jerusalem and completed his studies at the Rietfeld Academy in Amsterdam. At the end of his studies he established an independent studio in the Dutch city and in 2005 moved to Paris, where he lives and works to this day. Yafet’s works are exhibited in galleries and museums, and he became famous thanks to the lighting fixtures Baloons, Muffins and Shadows, which are marketed in Israel exclusively by Habitat.

Muffins lighting fixture by the designer Dan Yafet LeHabitat (Photo: Martin Shum)Muffins lighting fixture by the designer Dan Yafet LeHabitat (Photo: Martin Shum)

The series of Muffins lighting fixtures designed by Dan Yafet are reminiscent of the shape of the bulging Muffins lampshade in a scale of transparent shades of neutral, smoky gray or yellowish-brown. The lamps are made by traditional glass blowing and placed on a natural oak wood base. They come in a standing version and as a ceiling lamp, and in a floating reflector. The design process combines classic production methods, such as glass blowing, alongside advanced methods and innovative technologies.


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