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2023-06-06 10:56:03

Yesterday he was still missing in the courtroom, NOW Prince Harry (38) will testify personally in London. Under cross-examination! BILD is live at the court.

At 10:38 a.m. German time, Prince Harry passed BILD and other waiting journalists. He smiles, seems relaxed, looks around, his right hand is in his trouser pocket. He seems surprised at how many people are standing in front of Room No. 15.

The courtroom is larger than a tennis court, approximately 20 meters long and 30 meters wide. Eleven people are seated at tables on the left in the court. You are part of Team Harry, his defense. Three rows of six legal experts each are available for his defence.

With the son of King Charles III. (74) is the first time a member of the Royal Family has taken the witness stand in more than 130 years. The court had already opened its doors early in the morning, and the hearing started around 11 a.m. German time.

Why it works: The prince, who has since emigrated to the United States, accuses the publishing house Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) of having illegally wiretapped and spied on him for years. Even when he was a minor.

Prince Harry accuses the publisher of around 150 articles with private and intimate content as a result of years of illegal wiretapping and spying. 33 of these are being discussed before the High Court in London.

A court clerk pushed a blue cart with four large boxes full of files into the courtroom on Tuesday morning, as BILD observed. So there is a lot of material.

The lawyer for the publisher Mirror Group Newspapers, Andrew Green, has already announced that he wants to cross-examine the prince for a day and a half. On Tuesday the time had come.

The London High Court: This is where Harry will testify



The cross-examination begins at 11:28 a.m. German time. Prince Harry swears by the Bible, his defense attorney asks him: what should I call you? The answer: “Prince Harry”.

The Prince is questioned on the witness stand by the other side, the Mirror Group’s lawyer. Harry has a screen in front of him, his voice is low, he speaks coherently, listening carefully. And says: “The newspapers were in every palace and I saw the articles. But friends read it too. And told me That caused me stress.”

Defending the other side, Mr. Green asks what Harry remembers being written about him. After all, it was 20 years ago. The Prince: “I was a kid going to school and these articles were incredibly intrusive. My mother felt that too.”

Harry frowns now and then, leans back, pulls up his waistband. He looks off into the distance across the screen, seeming to remember how he felt as a kid.

The prince does a pretty good job of cross-examination. He sometimes hesitates when answering, thinks – and counters with questions.

The little cheeky Prince Harry on the arm of his beloved Mama Diana

The little cheeky Prince Harry on the arm of his beloved Mama Diana

Foto: Getty Images

“No aspect of the young prince’s life was safe”

“No aspect of the young prince’s life was safe,” Harry’s attorney David Sherborne said on Monday. School, friends and family were targets of the press in pursuit of private details and scandals. And also referred to the published articles.

Harry's attorney David Sherborne is leaving on Monday

Harry’s lawyer David Sherborne leaves court in the British capital on Monday. Today the process continues

Foto: Alamy Live News.

One article from 1996 claimed Harry’s mother Diana († 36) spent little time with him on his 12th birthday. Other articles were about a sports accident (including medical details) or about Harry’s longtime girlfriend Chelsy Davy, 37, who he is said to have ‘bombarded’ with messages to win her back after a breakup.

Prince Harry with his childhood sweetheart Chelsy Davy

Prince Harry in 2008 with his childhood sweetheart Chelsy Davy

Foto: picture alliance / ASSOCIATED PRESS

Revelations like these were apparently fueled by “unlawful activity,” Harry’s attorney said. “These methods acted like a spider’s web around the prince in hopes of intercepting valuable information that they were seeking through illegal means, some of which became stories.”

The process began on May 10 and should be completed by the end of June. The verdict is not expected until later in the year.

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