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Square Enix Announced, the new strategy RPG “Chronological history of Jinryo The DioField Time.news trial version is available for download on PS5/PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One.

The Chronicles of the Gods is a new collaboration between Square Enix and LANCARSEstrategy simulation RPG, the official emphasizes the profound and strategic “real-time combat system”, and through the fusion of fantasy, medieval, and modern unique world views, plus beautiful graphics, weaving a gripping story.

The trial version released this time can play the prologue first, and the first chapter “The Truth of Life” has a total of 5 episodes.In addition, can alsodemoGo to the “Old Towers”, “Exploding Barrels”, “Barricades” and other map mechanisms that will appear in the first chapter. According to the official statement, knowing and using the mechanism well can expand the strategies that can be used in battle.

“The Chronicles of the Gods” will be officially launched on September 22, and pre-orders have been opened on July 7. Host players will be available for trial play from now on, and the Steam version of the trial experience is expected to be launched on the 11th.

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