Sri Lanka on the verge of bankruptcy !! The central bank’s final attempt

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka has made a final request to Sri Lankans living abroad as the country faces a severe economic crisis.

Trying to increase foreign exchange

In the face of increasing foreign exchange in the country, the central government has appealed to foreigners living and working abroad to support the country by sending their salaries to licensed banks or companies through their media.

The central bank has issued a special statement.

The announcement was made on topics such as why you send money is so important, how it is used, and how to send money in a way that benefits the country.

The Central Bank has said that remittance transactions will help meet Sri Lanka’s essential needs such as fuel, gas, medicine and food.

The Central Bank said in a statement that the use of proper means of remittance will enable Sri Lanka to continue to carry out international foreign exchange transactions.

Sri Lanka on the verge of bankruptcy !!  The central bank's final attempt

Meanwhile, Minister Manusha Nanayakkara has demanded that Sri Lankans working abroad send their salaries only through banks.

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