Sri Lanka rejects Indian pressure; Chinese spy ship granted entry – Sri lanka | China

Colombo: Sri Lanka has granted entry to a Chinese spy ship despite strong opposition from India and the US. The ship ‘Yuan Wang-5’ with sophisticated surveillance system will enter Hambantota port on 16th. Earlier the plan was to reach here on 11th and anchor till 17th. According to the new decision, 16 to 22 ships will be in port.

The Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry had requested the Chinese Embassy to postpone the visit as India opposed it citing security reasons. Accordingly, the ship was waiting 600 nautical miles off the East Hambantota. Sri Lankan Ports Minister P. Silva confirmed that permission was given to anchor in the port from 16th to 22nd.

Hambantota Port was developed with Chinese loans. The Yuan Wang-5 is a state-of-the-art spy ship capable of intercepting and analyzing land and satellite signals. Since it can capture signals within a range of 750 km, India is worried that the information of the nuclear power plants at Koodamkulam and Kalpakkam and the Sriharikota satellite launch center will be leaked.

English Summary: Chinese “Spy” Ship Cleared To Dock At Sri Lanka Port: Report


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