sri lanka, Rs. 38 lakh looted from the Sri Lankan President’s House..! – What happened ..? – Police surrenders 38lakhs to sri lanka court looted by protestors

A few days ago the protesters besieged the Sri Lankan President’s House. During the event, some people took the items from the President’s House.

The protestors were enraged by the severe economic crisis and rising prices in Sri Lanka and besieged and looted the homes of Sri Lankan leaders. The Sri Lankan President’s House was also involved in this event.

As a result, the Sri Lankan president fled to the Maldives. Then he fled from there to Singapore. In this case, the police handed over Rs.38 lakh rupees, which were caught stealing from Gothapaya House, to the Colombo court, claiming that the protestors had given them. The order issued by Judge Dilina Gamage at that time said, “Why did the police not hand over the money found in the President’s House for three weeks?” He said that the suspicion has arisen.

The judge has ordered that a committee led by the Director of Special Investigation should be investigated to answer the reason behind the delay in handing over the money, and the Inspector General should be ordered to provide the necessary assistance and submit a report. In this case, it has caused a great stir in the Sri Lankan community.


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