Sri Lankan woman tops list of highest paid CEOs in Australia

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Sri Lankan woman Shemara Wikramanayake has topped the list of highest paid CEOs in Australia this year (2021).

Shemara, who is of Sri Lankan descent, is the CEO of Macquarie Group. He earned $ 15.97 million in the first 12 months of June.

The Australian Financial Review Annual Document has published the information.

Moreover, they point out that the salaries of CEOs in Australia have increased by about 20 per cent compared to last year.

Meanwhile, below is a list of the ten highest paid CEOs in Australia.

  • Shemara Wikramanayake, chief executive of Macquarie Group, earned $15.97 million
  • Paul Perreault, chief executive of CSL, earned $13.87 million
  • Gregory Goodman, chief executive of Goodman Group, earned $13.38 million
  • Sandeep Biswas, chief executive of Newcrest Mining, earned $10.6 million
  • Mike Henry, chief executive of BHP Group, earned $10.08 million
  • Ruslan Kogan, chief executive of Kogan, earned $8.99 million
  • Brad Banducci, chief executive of Woolworths, earned $8.38 million
  • Alistair Field, chief executive of Sims Metal Management, earned $7.89 million
  • Graham Chipchase, chief executive of Brambles, earned $7.48 million
  • Robert Scott, chief executive of Westfarmers, earned $6.93 million

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