SSLV: Lost contact with launched satellites; Scientists are worried

Sriharikota | The loss of contact with the SSLVD-1 satellite, which was launched from the Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota at 9.18 am today, raised concerns about the mission. During the last phase of the maiden flight, data from the satellite could not be received. Scientists are desperately trying to restore the connection. Doubts remain whether the rocket was able to reach the two satellites it was carrying. Only after this is clearly understood will an official announcement be made as to whether the mission is successful or not. ISRO chief Somnath said that while all phases of SSLV were successful, data was lost during the terminal phase of the mission.

The satellite made by government school students has many features. Azadi Sat weighs only eight kg. The weight of the satellite launch vehicle SSLV is 120 tonnes. The launch was attended by less than ten scientists. Students of Malappuram Mangalam Government School are behind this baby probe. SSLVD-1 will embark on its maiden mission, aiming to launch into a low-Earth orbit and a sun-synchronized orbit, 350 km above the equator. SSLV is capable of orbiting satellites weighing less than 500 kg at a range of 500 km. The new vehicle will be very useful in the field of commercial launch.

SSLV carries two satellites. The mission of EOS 02 is Earth observation, study and research. Azadi SAT was created by 750 girls from 75 government schools in the country. Azadi Sat, weighing eight kg, has a shelf life of six months. The nanosatellite carries transponders for ham radio broadcasting and systems for space research. It also has a selfie camera.


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