Stages? Putin met with “mothers” of soldiers killed in Ukraine

The President of Russia met on Friday with the mothers of soldiers killed in Ukraine. It is widely believed that the event was a staged public relations event with a selected audience. All the mothers present are loyal to Putin. One of them was previously seen singing the Russian national anthem in Red Square after Putin annexed parts of Ukraine

Vladimir Putin met last Friday with “mothers” of the soldiers he sent to the Ukraine-Russia war, but the world suspects that it was a well-staged meeting with women who support Kemalin.

He met a group of ultra-loyal women who were carefully selected so they wouldn’t ask hard questions. The Daily Mail It is reported that angry Russian mothers who were not at the event raved about how Putin refused to invite them, and ignored their complaints about their sons being used as cannon fodder.

“I would like you to know this, that I personally and the entire leadership of the country – we share your pain,” Putin told the women at a meeting at his official residence. “We understand that nothing can replace the loss of a son – especially for a mother, we share this pain,” Putin said.

But behind his words, Putin’s officials vetoed a meeting with mothers who want to make claims about how their sons were killed in Ukraine. He also said during the televised event that “we must achieve our goals and we will achieve them in the end.” But it is not clear if he met the mother of any of the Russian soldiers who were killed or injured in Ukraine.

Russian journalists quickly identified some of the women chosen to meet Putin as known loyalists. One of the women, Nadizhda Uzanova, previously appeared at an event with Putin singing the Russian national anthem in Red Square after he illegally annexed areas of Ukraine as Kremlin territory. The other women were identified as loyal to Putin from various events, and it is not certain that they even had a soldier son in Ukraine.

Ironically, Putin told the 17 ‘mothers’ to beware of online ‘fakes, fraud, lies’ about his war in Ukraine. “You can’t trust anything” online about the conflict, he said.

Putin sat with 17 women at his palatial residence in Novo-Ugryovo, west of Moscow, surrounded by a table full of tea, cakes and bowls of fresh berries, claiming he felt the loss. Putin said he understood the anxiety and worry of the soldiers’ mothers – and the pain of those who lost sons in Ukraine. Putin told them he has no regrets about launching his war — or what he claims is Russia’s “special military operation” against Ukraine. Putin said he sometimes called Russian soldiers on the front line and said their words made them heroes in his eyes.


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