“Stanley Cup – in six years. This is my goal. “

Why the team was named Vegas Golden Knights

Bill Foley insisted that the hockey team be named “Black Knights” – like the West Point American football team, writes Sports Illustrated. Foley is a West Point graduate and the army means a lot to him. He drives a black SUV with tinted windows, and is driven by a private security guard, always from the military. In memory of his service in the Air Force, his company has its own fleet of seven Gulfstreams. The West Point anthem hangs in a frame on the wall of his office, and an enlarged figure of a chess knight (black knight) props up books. After acquiring Lender Processing Services, a technology and analytics solutions firm for mortgage and construction companies in 2014, Foley renamed it Black Knight Financial Services.
Alas, for sports teams, the Black Knights name has already been patented. A brainstorming session began, during which mention was made of “various types of reptiles, scorpions, common rattlesnakes, horned rattlesnakes,” Foley recalled. But he insisted on “knights.”
The Desert Knights and the Silver Knights took the lead in the fan poll. Nevada has a lot of deserts, and the state’s nickname is “Silver,” as there used to be many silver mines here, Foley explained to the Las Vegas Sun: “But Nevada is now the largest gold producer in the country. Gold is the number one precious metal compared to silver. In addition, I don’t think Desert Knights is the right characteristic. “
As one fan commented to the Las Vegas Review Journal, “He laid out $ 500 million for the team. He can call it whatever he wants.” And “Las” was removed from the name of the city of Las Vegas by Foley, because he is sure that residents call the city simply Vegas (the correspondents of Sports Illustrated, the locals themselves, do not agree with this). “Plus Las Vegas Golden Knights – four words. Vegas Golden Knights – three words. It is easier. Sounds better, ”Foley said. Interestingly, Golden Knights is also the name of the US Army parachute group. The military even stated that they were considering whether to demand that the club be renamed.
The team’s logo was due to be unveiled in June 2016. Foley approved it three months late. At first it was a knight in armor, then a knight on horseback. In the end, only a helmet remained of it, the slot of which was made in the shape of the letter V – like Vegas, writes the Las Vegas Sun.



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