State Bank Of India These 10 Services Free For Sbi Customers Via Mobile | As an SBI customer you can avail these 10 services on mobile for free

State Bank of India (SBI), India’s largest public sector bank, offers some banking services to its customers for free on mobile. With SBI Quick – MISSED CALL BANKING, SBI has made it possible for you to get various services like your account balance, mini-statement etc. You can avail some services of SBI Bank from home by simply giving a missed call or sending a message from your registered mobile number. Users of mobile devices like Android, Windows, iOS or Blackberry can use this SBI Quick service of the bank. Here is a list of 10 services that SBI customers can get on their mobile for free.



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1) SBI Balance Enquiry:

To get the last clear balance in the account, customers can give a missed call to 919223766666 or send an SMS by typing ‘BAL’.

2) SBI Mini Statement:

To get mini statement of last 5 transactions, SBI customers can give missed call to 919223766666 or send SMS by typing ‘MSTMT’.

3) SBI Cheque Book Request Acknowledgement:

Customers can avail this service by texting “CHQREQ” to 917208933145.

4) SBI Cheque Book Request:

After typing “CHQREQ” to 917208933145 and sending a message, the information will be sent to you via SMS.

5) SBI E-Statement of last 6 months:

Text ‘ESTMT’ to 917208933145 and send e-Statement of last 6 months of Bank Savings Account PDF to your registered email id. will be sent in the form of

6) SBI Education Loan Interest Certificate:

To check your education loan interest statement for the financial year, text ‘ELI’ to 917208933145.

7) SBI Home Loan Interest Certificate:

To check your home loan interest certificate for the financial year, text ‘HLI’ to 917208933145.

8) SBI ENROLL Positive Pay System (PPS):

To use PPS you need to register with SBI bank branch first and only then you can use mobile services.

9) SBI Full list of Services:

You can view the full list of services by texting “HELP” to 917208933145.

10) SBI Language Change (Hindi/English):

To change Hindi to Hindi & English language you need to send a message to 917208933148.

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