State budget: Chance to allocate one installment of pension arrears in Kerala budget | Malayalam News, Kerala News | Manorama Online

State budget: Chance to allocate one installment of pension arrears in Kerala budget |  Malayalam News, Kerala News |  Manorama Online

Thiruvananthapuram ∙ Pension reform dues to be paid to service pensioners and a part of the dearness allowance dues to be paid to employees are likely to be allocated in the state budget. The government had decided to pay the pension reform arrears in 4 installments. However, only 2 installments were given. The order said that the balance will be paid in August and November 2021. However, due to the financial crisis, the disbursement of the third installment has been postponed to this financial year (2022–23) and the fourth installment to the next financial year (2023–24), but the dues of this year have not been paid till now. It is likely to be announced in the budget next year.

Many pensioners died last year without being able to pay their arrears. Pointing out this, various organizations of pensioners have taken into account the petitions given to the government and the CPM’s proposal, and it is being checked whether there is a way to pay the arrears. Arrears disbursement facility was recently introduced in payroll software Spark. The government also issued an ultimatum to submit an affidavit before accepting dues.

Government employees are to pay 4 installments of dearness allowance from January 1, 2021. A total of 11%. Of this, the first installment of 2% is likely to be sanctioned. The government owes a total of Rs 19,000 crore to employees, pensioners and UGC teachers. The government is not in a financial position to pay all of this. The crisis is likely to be worse next year than the current one. That is why the government is checking whether at least a portion of the arrears can be declared and distributed in the budget as a small relief.

Tax hike will not trouble people: Minister

Minister KN Balagopal said that the taxes and fees will be increased in the budget this time in such a way that the people will not suffer. There is a need to raise taxes. This is because the tax that was bought in 1960 or 1970 is still unaffordable, he said. Kifbi will not announce big projects this time. However, smaller projects will be announced. There is no intention to increase the pension age. He said that LDF has a policy in this regard.

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