State cashback is here: how it works and what you need to know to activate it

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The first phase of the purchase bonus starts from 8 December – Ansa /Courier TV

To boost consumption and encourage digital payments, the Government launches an extra cashback for Christmas expenses at Christmas. The first phase, active from 8 December, is experimental. Ends December 31st. Full entry of the broader Cashless Plan is scheduled for January 1, 2021, to continue until June 30, 2022. This is a refund of 10%, out of a maximum of 150 euros, for each purchase made with cards or ATMs in physical stores. In 2021, consumers will be able to receive a maximum refund of 300 euros, on a limit of 3000 euros of purchases. Reimbursements will be calculated on an expense of 1,500 euros per semester, with a minimum of 50 transactions every six months. To obtain a refund, it is necessary to pay with electronic money or with tools such as Satispay and PayPal. For technical reasons, some systems such as Apple Pay or Google Pay will be activated in the course of 2021. To participate, you must register on the IO App from your smartphone. To do this, you need the SPID, the only tool to have obtained the favorable opinion of the Privacy Guarantor. Alternatively, it is possible to authenticate on the app through the electronic identity card (Cie), but you will need to have a smart card reader to connect to your computer. Subsequently, all the payment instruments that will be used must be registered.


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