State deficit in 2022 will be lower than expected, announces the government

State deficit in 2022 will be lower than expected, announces the government

Good news for the executive on the front of the economy and public accounts. The State deficit for the year 2022 will be 151.5 billion euros, i.e. an “improvement of 19.5 billion compared to the forecasts of the last amending finance law”, announced the Minister Delegate for Accounts. public Gabriel Attal in Le Figaro on Tuesday evening.

According to Gabriel Attal, the state has notably recorded better tax revenues, “7 billion higher than expected”. Corporation tax (IS) reported 3 billion better than expected. “IS receipts reached 62 billion euros: this is the highest amount in history, while we have the lowest rate in history”, or 25%, further affirms Gabriel Attal. In addition, income tax “exceeds the latest forecasts by 1.6 billion, thanks to wage increases and the jobs created”.

2023, “a year of consolidation”

In addition, the level of expenditure “is lower by 12 billion than what was forecast last November”, in particular because the support mechanisms for households and businesses “have not been fully consumed in 2022”, said the minister. at Figaro. However, this should not significantly reduce the public deficit for 2022, the figure of which will not be known until March.

It “will fall significantly compared to the year 2021” the year in which it stood at 6.5% of GDP, explained the minister, who maintains the forecast of 5% “without totally excluding a better landing. “It is also our forecast for 2023, which is a year of consolidation”, further specified Gabriel Attal, who specifies that the government foresees “still a return below the 3% bar in 2027”.


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