State government: Stelzer elected governor – SPÖ & MFG voted against

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Thomas Stelzer (ÖVP) was elected governor in the first constituent state parliament meeting after the election on September 26th – with 41 of 55 votes, because: Both the members of the newly represented vaccination skeptics list Menschen Freiheit Grundrechte (MFG) and those of the SPÖ voted against Stelzer.

There are two reasons for the SPÖ-No: First, that the ÖVP has taken over the social department traditionally headed by the SPÖ. Second, that the ÖVP, with its claim to a fifth seat of government, prevented the SPÖ from having two state councils.
For the first time, six parliamentary groups are represented in the state parliament – with MFG and the Neos as real opposition parties, because they do not have a seat in the proportional government. Erich Watzl was appointed director of the state office and Rudolf Ferdinand Watschinger as his deputy.

The new state government

  • Governor Thomas Stelzer (VP): Finances, human resources, culture
  • Deputy Governor Christine Haberlander (VP): Health, education, women
  • Deputy Governor Manfred Haimbuchner (FP): Housing, families, nature conservation, community supervision
  • Regional Councilor Markus Achleitner (VP): Economy, sport, energy, tourism, research, spatial planning, investments
  • Regional Councilor Birgit Gerstorfer (SP): SPÖ communities, child and youth welfare, animal welfare, police
  • Regional Councilor Michaela Langer-Weninger (VP): Agriculture & forestry, municipalities (except SPÖ), fire brigades
  • Provincial Councilor Günther Steinkellner (FP): Traffic, infrastructure, torrent / avalanche control
  • Regional Councilor Wolfgang Hattmannsdorfer (VP): Social affairs, integration & youth council
  • Provincial Councilor Stefan Kaineder (Greens): Environment, consumer protection, water

More detailed information about the members of the Upper Austria. State government

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The government program at a glance

Photovoltaics tenfold
One of the main thrusts of the government program is that Upper Austria will become climate neutral by 2040. Renewable electricity production is to be increased to 90 percent by 2030 – by increasing photovoltaic capacities tenfold, expanding hydropower and building pumped storage power plants. The government wants to push public transport.

Technical Uni
The location is to be strengthened in order to create and secure jobs – through the establishment of a technical university, an investment and research billion, and the expansion of childcare with improved opening times.

More living spaces for the disabled
In the social area, the government program provides for new living spaces for people with disabilities. And securing care – for example by relieving the caregivers of bureaucratic tasks as well as more attractive training. In addition, there are stricter controls against the abuse of social support. In the health sector, the creation of a center for cancer research and MRT machines for all hospitals are in the program.

German as a condition
In the security area, drug trafficking and juvenile delinquency are to be combated more intensely, and the police force is to be strengthened and better equipped for this purpose. When it comes to integration, even more emphasis is placed on knowledge of German and conveying values. Anyone who receives services from the state should in future have to demonstrate a minimum knowledge of German.

Vaccination campaign & antibody tests

The fifth focus of the government program is the fight against corona. In addition to campaigns for vaccination, the immunization of the population should be surveyed at the request of the FP – for example through antibody tests.

Details on the new government program

Landtag director Wolfgang Steiner, club chairman Manuel Krautgartner (MFG), club chairman Michael Lindner (SPÖ), third state parliament president Peter Binder, first state parliament president Max Hiegelsberger, second state parliament president Sabine Binder, club chairman Herwig Mahr (FPÖ), club chairman Felix Severin Mayr (Greens), club chairman Felix Severin Mayr (Greens) (NEOS), club chairman Christian Dörfel (ÖVP).

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