State medical aid for foreigners presents “public health issues”, recalls Braun

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2023-05-28 22:00:35

This is a subject that may not be unanimous in government. State medical aid (AME) could be part of the discussions in the context of the future immigration bill. The AME covers 100% of the medical and hospital costs of foreigners present in France for at least three months, and LR wants to limit it to emergency medical aid. While Gerald DarmaninMinister of the Interior, said he was ready in an interview with Parisian to discuss the terms of this aid, the Minister of Health for his part recalled on Sunday that it presents “public health issues. »

Asked about this subject at the Grand Jury RTL / LCI / Le Figaro, Francois Braun recalled that State medical aid (AME) represented “0.5%, even a little less, of the entire Social Security budget”, and underlined that it presented “extremely strong issues which are public health issues.

find a balance

As for reducing it to emergency medical aid, “what does emergency mean, how long does it mean? Are we going to cure a diabetes that is unbalanced and that we are going to let unbalance afterwards? he wondered.

If there is “a new Covid-19 who happens to people who could benefit from state medical aid, we are not going to treat them (…) and we are going to let the disease develop? We need a global vision of public health, ”he insisted. On the other hand, he considered it “abnormal that there are channels to come and do [en France] care that can be provided in the country of origin of these patients”. “So a balance has to be found,” said François Braun.

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