Static and Ben El Tabori return to the stage: this is the new surprising partner

Static and Ben El Tabori return to the stage: this is the new surprising partner

Static and Ben El (photo by Eran Levy)

The real third side of Static and Ben El Tabori was revealed last night (Monday) at a gala evening of “The Masked Singer” at Beshet 12, which included a crazy exposure of the cotton wool character, when it turned out to be Ilanit Levy all along.

So if you remember the immortal performance of Tsadi Sarfati and Ofira Assig in the duet for “This Couple” in the previous season, you probably won’t forget so quickly Static and Ben El who admitted in the previous episode that, “We are very jealous of this number, and we want you, Shahar, to do a number with us This season. Us and you” and how they chose to respond to that.

After the “Truth or Obligation” game, Shahar Hasson didn’t exactly find a way to refuse and because of that he found himself getting on the same stage with the duo and joining them in singing “Effortless Effort”. Ido Rosenblum for his part declared: “You are about to witness here a rare, not to say defining, moment.” Incidentally, the photos were taken even before Static and Ben Al announced the dissolution of their duo.

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But it wasn’t just a cover of the three. The unique performance also included a new verse written for the song and dedicated to the “singer in the mask”, which was addressed directly to Ofira Assig, this as a special tribute from Shahar to her.

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