Steam “Apex Heroes” broke 510,000 players and reached the highest level in history, and BUGs such as skill possession are still under investigation | 4Gamers

After the EA free battle royale “APEX Legends” (APEX Legends) season 14 “Hunt and Lock”, which is regarded as a “social game” by the Japanese player community, was launched this week, the new hero “Vantage” and many changes in Kings Canyon The new atmosphere brought by the game has brought an unprecedented number of players online, at least according to the Steam numbers.

According to Steam records, “Apex Heroes” had a large number of players online on the eve of the S14 revision. The number surpassed the record of 410,000 when S12 revealed the information on the next season’s new hero “Newcastle” in April this year, and the number of players increased significantly to 510,286 .


Since the S14 revision was implemented, the skills of the new hero Vantage have also been generally praised by the community, but what follows is that the game is currently in an unstable state. Unexplained bugs make the player’s skill set switch to other heroes ( It was originally possessed by Vantaa and later turned into chaos), or some players reported that the update could not be installed and points were rewarded.

At the same time, there seems to be some problems with the anti-cheat system of “Apex Heroes”, which led to some players being blocked due to false positives from Easy Anti-Cheat, and some Reddit players who reported that they were bad at the shooting range.

Up to now, the Respawn development team has successively fixed bugs in the official Trello, but the reason for the replacement of hero skills is still under investigation, and players may have to endure until the repairor enjoy the thrill of being possessed by the souls of other heroes

Apex Legends Season 14 “Hunt Locked” launches August 9th on Origin and Steam on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC, more updates Please refer to the official website of EA for Apex Legends.


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