Stefan Leger is leaving Israel: this is his new destination

Stefan Leger (Facebook photo/ Stefan Leger)

Stephane Leger, one of the most intriguing singers in Israel, whose music has also become a hit in France, is joining the new season of “Dancing with the Stars” in the land of the baguette, something that will require him to leave Israel for a certain period.

Leger summed up the experience that lies ahead of him: “I can’t wait to experiment with different dance styles and bring my abilities to the fore”, the reality show in which he will compete, the same as “Keshet 12” has become an extremely popular reality show there and despite his background as a professional dancer, he will combine in the coming season.

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Leger will compete for the title against a series of leading artists from France and the new season of the program is expected to air on September 16 on the TF1 channel for the television of millions of viewers throughout France and in countries that speak the language.

Regarding Leger, the rehearsals for “Dancing with the Stars” will start already at the beginning of September and for this he will have to move to live in Paris for a certain period, and the move will be made according to TMI already at the end of the month and he will stay there for a period of several months.

But don’t worry, the artist will return to Israel during the time he is busy with reality TV for short visits for the benefit of his Israeli career and will also release a new single “Circus” in the coming days. “I am very excited to participate in a program of this magnitude. I have never been far from my Israeli audience for such a long period of time, but I promise that I will come to visit at every opportunity and I will share with you on the networks everything that is happening in France.”

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