Stefanie Stahl: Why harmony at any price is not a good idea

Wdo you eat what a harmonious geek is? Does that sound nice? The word “nerd” has a negative connotation for most of us. But unlike the unpopular classmates from school, those who love harmony are usually quite popular. They are not interested in getting the best marks and outdoing others. They are not selfish, and in fact, they do not offend anyone. So far, so wonderful? Not quite. The question is how far these harmony-loving personalities go in their desire for harmony. For some, in addition to the innate gentleness, there is an additional imprint in the parental home. In their childhood, these characters experience that they only receive attention if they meet the expectations of their caregivers. This “love-child principle” often turns into a protective strategy in adulthood in order to gain recognition.



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