Stefano Accorsi: “The profession of actor is not loved on social media, it must be tried”

April 2, 2022 – 11:43 am

From 5 April he made his debut with “Azul” by Daniele Finzi Pasca. On stage the lives and memories of four friends with a passion for the same football team

from Caterina Ruggi D’Aragaona

“Blue is a South American word that means blue. By a strange coincidence, it is the color of the Club Nacional de Football of Montevideo (Uruguay), as well as of our national team. Blue is therefore a color that makes you think of a team, but also of the sky and of light, light sensations that I find fitting for the show written and directed by Daniele Finzi Pasca ». Stefano Accorsi, director, producer, screenwriter and, for two years, artistic director of the Teatro della Toscana Foundation, explains the title of the play that debuts on Tuesday (8.45 pm) at the Pergola in Florence (until Sunday, Wednesday at 6pm meeting with the public ) and then move on to the Era Theater in Pontedera (12-13). On stage the lives and memories of four friends with a passion for the same football team. “There is a strong oneiric component in this text, which is not structured in a logical plot. The four protagonists tell each other, putting themselves naked, and bring out the most delicate aspects of human beings. The passion for football is also a metaphor, why Bluemaking you smile and excite, it speaks above all of friendship ».

It is like a déjà-vu to see Stefano Accorsi in a group of friends who, five years after starting his film career with radiofrequency by Ligabue, “smashed” the big screen with The last Kiss, playing one of the five friends – Peter Pan. On the other hand, beyond the fiction, the Bolognese actor confesses that he shares opportunities for carefree fun with his old friends. “Every time I meet up with former high school friends, it’s as if time has stopped. We recently went to eat fish in Marina di Ravenna. Suddenly one of us jumped out of the window and plunged into the sea. And we, all dressed, went after him. Between us it’s like this: maybe we stay on the beach to chat until 4 in the morning, and we cultivate that playful, childish part, which fortunately continues to be part of our lives ». Where challenges are not lacking. One of the most demanding, for Accorsi, was the position of artistic director of the Teatro della Toscana, on the eve of the first lockdown. «Two hard years for anyone who performs live shows. The artistic direction, never lost sight of, had to take second place with respect to management priorities, such as not losing workers and trying to have contributions. It was an uphill start, ”he says, satisfied with the projects conceived. Now “the idea is to create bridges, comparisons and contaminations, we have started collaborations with theaters in Paris and Oslo, now also with Madrid, with the Onassis Foundation in Greece and, in Italy, with Franco Parenti of Milan, with Rome, Naples , Palermo. In the meantime, in addition to bringing the great classics to the stage, we promote contemporary dramaturgy. We are looking for new talents who, especially among directors, are few today, precisely because in recent years they have not been able to gain experience ». On Tuesday he will be at Feltrinelli Red (3 pm) to sign copies of the Stefano Accorsi Album edited by Malcom Pagani (Publishing Group), for which he donates the proceeds to Giulio Regeni’s family. “Through photos and unpublished anecdotes, a curious narrative of this profession has come out, useful for young people who wish to become actors for the impression transmitted by talent and social networks rather than for an intimate need”, says Accorsi, who has wanted to act since as a child. “To the many children of friends who ask me for advice, I say that the profession of an actor cannot be loved in theory, it must be tried”.

April 2, 2022 | 11:43

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