Steffen Baumgart in first place

Trainer Steffen Baumgart from the Bundesliga club 1. FC Köln gave the football saying of the year for the best. The German Academy for Football Culture announced this on Thursday in Nuremberg. “A game is only over when the referee blows his whistle and I stop yelling,” said the FC coach about a game with a view to protégé Anthony Modeste’s lack of willingness to run at the time. With his usual loud and direct expression, Baumgart prevailed against national players Leon Goretzka and Niklas Süle as well as Freiburg coach Christian Streich.

The online voting of the football fans decided 70 percent of the final placements – 30 percent of the jury, which included presenter Katrin Müller-Hohenstein and musician Thees Uhlmann, was included. The award, which has been awarded by the Academy since 2006, is endowed with 5000 euros for a charitable purpose.

The eleven nominated sayings:

“Corona is like football. A single contact is enough to turn everything upside down. “(Leon Goretzka)

“The greatest danger to professional football does not come from the fans, but from the officials.” (Klaas Reese)

“A game is only over when the referee whistles and I stop yelling.” (Steffen Baumgart)

“It’s nice to have 82 million national coaches again and not 82 million virologists.” (Leon Goretzka)

“There was a contact. I always thought there had to be a foul. “(Christian Streich)

“Football is only fun if you also have fun with it.” (Horst Hrubesch)

“As a child I always thought that his name was Lotoma and his last name was Thäus. Then I called the fan shop and said I would like a jersey with the 10th Lotoma on it. And they said there was no Lotoma. “(Julian Nagelsmann)

“I would also have liked to have been a national player once. Unfortunately, East Frisia was never an independent state. So there was no chance for me. “(Timo Schultz)

“Unfortunately, arguments do not change anything in this association, only the tax investigators or judges.” (Manuel Gräfe)

“When I play shit, I don’t feel like doing the interviews that much, and when I play well, I don’t feel so much interested in interviews either.” (Niklas Süle)

“We adhered to the rules of distance in the game against the ball in an exemplary manner.” (Michael Zorc)



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