Stellantis, the car of the future in the drawings of the employees’ children

They have fanciful names like ‘SunRocker’ because it works with solar panels, ‘Alfa Sport Aurelia’, ‘Luna, the dream car’, ‘Fiat Rainbow’, ‘Ecostella’, with a leaf-shaped canopy and the aim of reducing CO2 emissions and ‘Walf H2O’ because it is powered by solar energy. They are the machines of the future imagined by the children of Stellantis employees, during the lockdown period. To make them Andrea, Manuel, Sofia, Stefano, Stella, Viola aged between 6 and 12 who drew their childhood dreams with colored pencils and markers.

The initiative is part of the new and numerous forms of dialogue that the company has implemented digitally with employees in this year of health emergency linked to the Covid 19 pandemic. In particular, the one promoted by Internal Communication and the Turin Style Center aimed at employees’ children, who were invited, through the company Intranet, to design the machine of the future and share it with the entire Stellantis community, met with considerable success.

To participate, the children and their families listened to a video message from Klaus Busse, designer of Stellantis, who gave ideas and information to design the car of their dreams projected into the future. 54 children joined the initiative with great enthusiasm and passion and, with the help of their parents, scanned their drawings and uploaded the files to The Hub Intranet platform in the section reserved for them.

Klaus Busse, together with a dedicated team, then personally selected the 6 best works. The small winning designers, residing in Turin, Grugliasco and Volvera, in Turin, and in Arese, in Milan, were able to participate in a virtual round table in recent days and talk to Klaus Busse who explained the reasons for this initiative: desire of the company to be close to families and to let children know the environment in which their parents work and above all the need to think about the future and dream.

At the end of the meeting Klaus Busse wished to wish Andrea, Manuel, Sofia, Stefano, Stella, Viola and all the children who took part in the initiative. ” Always remember to use colors to paint Life. Dream, dream, dream. And I assure you that you will be happy. Find something you like and do it ”.


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