STF decision on time frame makes Congress’ initiative harmless, says government leader

STF decision on time frame makes Congress’ initiative harmless, says government leader

2023-09-21 21:16:46

The Supreme Court formed a majority against the thesis this Thursday, 21st, after votes from Luiz Fux and Cármén Lúcia; Randolfe Rodrigues said he hopes Congress respects the decision

Geraldo Magela/Agência Senado – 14/07/2022 Senator Randolfe Rodrigues took to social media to celebrate the result of the vote

The senator Randolfe Rodrigues (AP), government leader in Congresscelebrated the decision of the Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF) that overturned the Marco Temporal. The decision was confirmed this Thursday, 21st, when the Court formed a majority against the issue. In a video shared on social media, Randolfe stated that any debates involving the topic are unconstitutional and said he hopes that Congress respects the STF’s decision. “This represents a great victory for indigenous peoples across Brazil. In fact, the thesis was already unreasonable par excellence. What has now been confirmed by our Supreme Court is that this thesis violates the Constitution. Given this, any debate on laws altering or establishing the so-called ‘Temporal Framework’ is unconstitutional. […] Given this, we only expect one measure in relation to this. That the National Congress, obviously, respecting the indigenous peoples, suspends any debate and respects the decision of the Supreme Court”, stated the government leader. At the moment, the score is 7 to 2 against the Temporal Framework, confirming that the lands occupied by indigenous communities must prevail, even if they were not in place on October 5, 1988, the date of the promulgation of the Federal Constitution. The ministers voted against the thesis Edson Fachin (rapporteur), Alexandre de Moraes, Cristiano Zanin, Dias Toffoli, Luiz Fux and Cármen Lúcia. On the other side, André Mendonça and Nunes Marques were in favor.

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