Sting Celebrates 70th Anniversary With New Single And Web Channel

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On October 2, the popular British musician turns 70. In honor of this event, Sting presented his next premiere. Moreover, the new song Rushing Water is again sharp, rhythmic, explosive and melodic – in the spirit of his glorious band The Police of the late 70s – early 80s.

– The song Rushing Water is a good start for an album that will try to overcome all the small differences that can tear us apart! – The musician told about the premiere on his website And he added that the disc will be released on November 19, and its name is The Bridge (that is, “The Bridge”).

In addition, Sting, who is not at all a party or public, said that for the first time he launched a weekly web series about himself On The Bridge. It premiered on Tuesday 28 September.

In fact, this is a reality show about the daily life of a musician preparing for the release of an album. It will be published every Tuesday on Sting’s website. But the duration of each episode is not long yet – only 2-3 minutes. And On the Bridge will only be available to members of the musician’s fan club.

However, it is possible that later all these musical reports and sketches will become the basis for a full-length documentary album in support of the new Bridge disc.

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At the beginning of the year, Sting also promised the release of the Duets II album (the first was released in 2020). But obviously, now this release will take place at a later date.

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