“With what conscience do you skip the lists?”. So the premier Mario Draghi reiterates that the priority of the vaccination plan at the moment is for the elderly and the most vulnerable. With what conscience, he wonders, do the youngest skip the lines “knowing that they are leaving people over 75 or frail people exposed to a real risk of death?”.

At a press conference at Palazzo Chigi, the premier then beat the Regions: “One can trivialize and say: stop vaccinating those under 60, young people or children, 35-year-old psychologists. These audiences of health workers that are expanding.

Update 21.06

Mario Draghi, what he said about AstraZeneca

“We must follow the guidelines expressed by the Ministry of Health and the CTS. The recommendation – he repeats – is to use AstraZeneca for over 60s ”.

“But let’s be careful – he specifies – the risk of death from Covid 19 is for the over 75 years old. The priority is to vaccinate this age group first: with what conscience does a young person skip the line? “.

The premier then specifies that “the availability of vaccines has not decreased, on the contrary it is rising. Today 239 thousand doses have been administered ”, explains Draghi, who says he is confident about the objectives set by the government.

Indeed, “I have no doubts that they will be achieved. The availability of vaccines is there and allows all over 80s to be vaccinated by April. The work is progressing, the emergency commissioner is doing well with the Regions ”, clarified Draghi.

Mario Draghi, what he said about the reopening

On the reopening, however, Mario Draghi does not have a date. “It depends on infections and vaccinations. If we reduce the risk of death in the most exposed classes, everything reopens with much more tranquility. I saw Salvini, Bersani and the presidents of the regions and provinces. Everyone is asking for reopening, that’s normal. I am absolutely aware of the situation, one must totally condemn the violence but I understand all the bewilderment and alienation that occurs in this situation ”.

“I want to see the next few weeks to talk about reopening. The next few weeks must be reopening, but safe reopening. The more quickly the vaccinations of at-risk categories proceed, the more quickly we will be able to reopen ”, he adds.

The Minister of Tourism “Garavaglia says June, maybe even earlier. Let’s not take the tourist season for abandoned, far from it ”. To the minister “I asked for a plan for the reopening of fairs and events. There are so many planned and we need to be ready, ”he explained.

Draghi: “I told Salvini that I respect Speranza”

“I told Salvini that I wanted him. Hope in the government is that I have a lot of respect for him”. So Draghi wanted to put an end to the tensions in the majority, after the statements of the leader of the League against the minister.

“The time has come to make decisions” about age ranges for vaccinations. “This is at the heart of the reopening – he explained – If we reduce the risk of death in the classes most exposed to risk, it is clear that it will reopen with more tranquility”.

Draghi: Erdogan is a dictator

“I absolutely do not agree with Erdogan”, the prime minister said about the sofagate, that is the failure to arrange a representative chair for Ursula von der Leyen, invited by the Turkish president to sit on a sofa well away from the two leaders.

“I think it was not an appropriate behavior – is the condemnation of Draghi – I was very sorry for the humiliation that the president of the Commission Ursula von der Leyen had to suffer”.

Then he added: “With these dictators, let’s call them for what they are”, underlined Draghi, “which, however, is needed, one must be frank in expressing one’s diversity of views and visions of society; and he must also be ready to cooperate to secure the interests of his country. We need to find the right balance ”.

Recovery Plan, direction at Palazzo Chigi and local task forces

A “political” direction, at Palazzo Chigi and with all the ministers concerned. A centralized control structure, “the only form of government presence in the NRP”, and then the direct responsibility of Municipalities, Provinces and Regions for the 200 billion interventions of the Recovery Plan. With local task forces that will come into play to help institutions put projects on the ground.

This is the recovery and resilience plan that Italy, assures Prime Minister Mario Draghi, will present by 30 April. A “unique”, “historic” opportunity, says the prime minister to mayors and governors, to “change everything” and return “credible” to the ability to make investments and not waste resources.

We must “spend and spend well” urges the premier, illustrating the first moves of the plan, from high speed in the South to nursery schools, to a Marshall plan for aid to the poorest groups – from public housing to the recovery of sports facilities, to ‘acceleration to be given to post-earthquake reconstruction up to the relaunch of tourism also thanks to the push of “digital services”.

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