Strada Parco, citizen committees rise up: no to the Filò project, yes to alternative solutions – «Prevent the announced resumption of the planned works in the Filò construction site, which Tua spa has been carrying out badly for many years on the green corridor called viale Castellammare Adriatico, aka Parco road». The Committees for the protection of the Parco road ask for it in a letter, inviting citizens to send the letter via email to the mayor and the press. The works, “functional to the forced routing of a rapid mass transport system of the BRT type, never shared by citizens, clearly incompatible with the inadequate state of the places”, underline the committees, “will involve the dismantling of the redevelopment and reclamation works realized at the end of the nineties thanks to Fers funds for 12 billion lire, through the senseless use of additional public funds, this time from Cipe ».

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Filovia, go-ahead from the ministry The works started immediately in 2022
The last variant has been approved: interventions on the route between and Montesilvano can begin. La Tua announces the arrival of the vehicles for the beginning of next year. They will all be up and running in ten months

At the origin of the initiative is the provision of the Ministry of Infrastructures and Sustainable Mobility (MIMS), which on March 15th “after thirteen months from the inspection conducted on February 13, 2020 on the run-down construction site of the Filovia, was forced to distort the typical prerogatives of the plants of the species to the detriment of the severely compromised commercial speed. With this – the committees write – trivializing the essential requirement placed at the basis of Law n.211 / 1992, which finances the rapid mass transport ».

The works will configure “the tangible risk of emerging tax damage of a significant entity, caused by a public work under construction for about thirty years, the demolition of public green areas, including entire rows of tall trees together with hundreds of meters of evergreen hedge, in the clumsy attempt to widen sidewalks that would still remain impracticable and inaccessible to disabled people in their entire extension and the serious damage to the air quality and life of the citizens of following the restoration of the deep wound – after thirty-three years elapsed from the decommissioning of the old Adriatic railway – the unacceptable longitudinal division of the municipal territory », the committees write.

Hence the request to the mayor to evaluate “alternative and advantageous solutions, in compliance with the choices made in some cities (for example Savona, Taranto and Verona), affected by the same collective rapid mobility projects”, reads the letter again, in which finally, there is talk of “an Ati contractor that aims to achieve the maximum corporate advantage on an exclusive basis to the detriment of the higher compromised interest of the city of”.


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