“Strange things” Another moment here: Watch the first minutes from …

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“Strange things” Another moment here: Watch the first minutes from …

A few days before the expected return of “Strange Things” (“Stranger Things”), Netflix last week released the first eight minutes of the fourth season, which will go up in two parts to the streaming service. The first episode will contain seven episodes and will air this coming Friday, May 27, while the last two episodes will be released on July 1 in the second part of the season.

Almost three years have passed since the third season of the hit from Netflix aired. The wait was long, but it can be said that the production rewards fans in season with extra long episodes compared to its predecessors. The first part will cover most of the season and most of its episodes last 75 minutes, while episode 7 lasts no less than 98 minutes. Netflix fan site “my attitude“Confirmed that the second part of the season – two episodes in total – is approaching two and a half hours, and in total the season will be almost five hours longer than the previous three seasons.

In an open letter to fans last winter, the creators of the series, brothers Matt and Ross Dapper, announced that the season would be split due to its length. The two explained that the split could provide the audience with new episodes of the series as early as possible, after being affected by “Corona delays” – which, as mentioned, caused a large gap between the seasons’ broadcasts.

If you’ve not settled on Bing yet, we’ll tell you that “Strange Things” is one of the most successful series on Netflix, which has won several Emmy Awards. The series takes place in the 80’s and follows a group of children from the town of Hawkins in Indiana, who encounter strange and frightening supernatural phenomena from a parallel dimension called “Upside Down“Every season has its challenges and dangers, although we still do not know what the new season entails.

Millie Bobby Brown plays Elban, the mysterious girl with the superpowers | Photo: Courtesy of Netflix, PR

What we do know is that the gang split after the family of one of the children, Will Bayers, decided to move to California following the (alleged) death of local sheriff Jim Hopper. The family members embrace Elban, the mysterious girl with the special powers. But in an adventure as in an adventure, a new threat from the parallel dim universe breaks the silence, and eventually the whole gang finds itself reunited.

Photo: PR courtesy of Netflix

The Dapper brothers have already announced that “Strange Things,” starring Winona Ryder, Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp, will be renewed for a fifth and final season.

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