Strawberries: everything you need to know from history, cultivation to recipes | life & knowledge

Strawberries: everything you need to know from history, cultivation to recipes |  life & knowledge

2023-06-06 08:22:08

Summertime is strawberry time – whether pure, as a cake, in a fruit salad or with vanilla ice cream, strawberries always taste good. In addition, they are healthy and also make you beautiful.

If that’s not a reason, now fresh strawberries to snack on?

Read here where strawberries come from, how to find the best ones, how to preserve them and everything you need to know about the delicious red fruits.

Where strawberries come from

The ancestral form of today’s garden strawberry goes back to a crossing of Fragaria chilensis, discovered in Chile, with the pollen of Fragaria virginiana from America. It is called Fragaria ananassa and was discovered by gardener Antoine Nicolas Duchesne in Amsterdam in 1750. Stone Age people were already familiar with wild strawberries. And as early as the Middle Ages, strawberries were systematically cultivated on land.

Interesting: Even back then, methods were known for allowing the strawberries to ripen a little earlier or a little later, depending on the location, and thus to extend the season.

Where to get the best strawberries

Here you can buy regionally directly at the source. These are probably the tastiest, freshest and healthiest strawberries you can find. They may be slightly more expensive than in the supermarket.

Tip: Many strawberry growers also offer strawberries to pick yourself. This is especially worthwhile if you need a lot of fruit. For your own jam, for example.

Buying strawberries here tends to be cheaper than from the producer. But the berries often come from further away. So always pay close attention to the quality and freshness of the baskets!

Tip: During the season, there are often stands for regional producers in the vicinity of supermarkets. Here it is worth comparing price and freshness! Very well known are, among other things, the red sales stands from “ Karls Erdbeerhof“.

Own strawberry harvest in the garden

Strawberries taste best fresh. And the best way to do that is to grow it yourself. Many people like to plant the sweet fruit in the garden bed or in tubs on the terrace and balcony and hope for a delicious harvest.

This is how your own works strawberry cultivation: The more sun, the sweeter strawberries! A semi-shady place is also an option if necessary. Even a little wind does not harm the plants. On the contrary! Air makes the plants less susceptible to fungus.

Tip: Strawberries should only be planted in the same bed again after four to five years. In between, plant kohlrabi, lettuce and radishes in these places.

Care tip: The delicious fruits need a lot of water and occasionally some (organic) fertilizer. It is best to water thoroughly in the morning so that everything can dry well again during the day.

This is how strawberries are preserved

Unfortunately, fresh strawberries don’t last very long once you’ve bought or picked them.

What you can do to extend shelf life:

  • Always discard soft fruit immediately.
  • Bedded individually on cellulose, they stay fresh for a little longer.
  • Die Wash strawberries only when they are to be eaten.

This is how strawberries are preserved for longer:

  • Freezing strawberries: They stay fresh for up to 12 months in the freezer.
  • Boiling strawberries: You can later make jams, sauces or syrups from boiled strawberries.
  • Dry strawberries: Dried strawberry chips from the oven are delicious on muesli or as a healthy snack.

Strawberries as a beauty booster

Are strawberries really beautiful?

Definitely yes, because they contain many antioxidants. They stimulate skin cells and conjure up a beautiful complexion. In addition, fruit acid and vitamin C are important components of strawberries. Both are applied externally as a beauty booster.

Many cosmetics companies enrich their products with active ingredients from strawberries. There are cleansing preparations, peelings and care creams for the face and the whole body.

Recipes with strawberries

Fruity, fresh and fabulous tasting! The strawberry is probably THE summer fruit par excellence. Whether pure, in dessert or as a healthy snack. From the The most delicious dishes can be conjured up with strawberries.

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