Streaming: “Blood & Gold” got off to a weaker start than Netflix’s predecessor

Streaming: “Blood & Gold” got off to a weaker start than Netflix’s predecessor

2023-05-31 02:05:56

“Blood & Gold” got off to a weaker start than Netflix’s predecessor

Actor Robert Maaser as Heinrich in a scene from “Blood & Gold”. photo

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Peter Thorwarth celebrated a great success with “Blood Red Sky”. The thriller is considered the most successful German Netflix film ever. His new work cannot quite build on this success.

The German director Peter Thorwarth (51) did not get off to such a good start on Netflix with his Nazi revenge film “Blood & Gold” as he did two years ago with the vampire film “Blood Red Sky”. On Tuesday evening, the streaming service stated around 13.8 million hours of viewing worldwide (May 26 to 28) for the first three days of the “Blood & Gold” production available since Friday. For Thorwarth’s predecessor film on Netflix, the action horror thriller “Blood Red Sky”, on the other hand, around 35.9 million hours of viewing were counted in the first three days (July 23 to 25) at the end of July 2021.

With “Blood & Gold” Thorwarth, who was born in Dortmund and now lives in Munich, swings up to a kind of German Quentin Tarantino (“Inglourious Basterds”). The work – again with Alexander Scheer in a leading role – is a mixture of war film, western and satire: In the last days of the Second World War, a deserted German soldier (Robert Maaser) takes on a marauding Nazi troop chasing a pot of gold . Scheer plays a fanatical, zombie-like SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer.

Thorwarth’s “Blood Red Sky” from 2021 is still listed as the most successful German Netflix film – even ahead of the Oscar-winning anti-war film “Nothing New in the West” from 2022. More than 50 million households watched the horror action film in the first four weeks starting in summer 2021. It revolves around a runaway transatlantic flight with terrorists and vampires on board. In it, Scheer plays a psychopathic kidnapper.


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