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Would you like to take a look in my wallet? Every month I pay 17.99 euros for Netflix, 14.99 euros for Spotify, 14.99 euros for Sky Ticket, 12.99 euros for the Xbox Gamepass, around 10 euros for MagentaTV, 8.99 euros for Disney +, 6, 99 euros for Joyn and 1.99 euros for online storage on Google.

In addition, there are 99 euros for Microsoft Office, 69 euros for Amazon Prime, 59.99 euros for Playstation Plus, 19.99 euros for Nintendo Online and 169 euros for being able to watch every football game in the US NFL league (if I were Football fans would also have a Sky Sport and DAZN subscription). And I’ve probably even forgotten one or the other subscription here.

Actually, at this point in the text I wanted to calculate a sum that I spend on media and software subscriptions every month. Now that I’ve typed the numbers, I’m scared of it.

Just this much: we Germans spend a total of around 3.8 billion a year on streaming services.

Please don’t get me wrong – I haven’t been forced into any of these subscriptions and am enjoying the content that I buy there month after month. With the exception of the endless magenta contract (which is regularly renewed for a further 24 months), I could also cancel all subscriptions for the next first one.

But looking into the future worries me: In the beginning it was only Netflix and Spotify, now even as a mega-payer I am far from having all subscriptions.

NBC will soon bring its streaming service Peacock to Germany, followed by Universal, and HBO will no longer sell its mega TV series only in the USA itself.

Who should afford all the subscriptions? And: the more streaming services there are, the less exciting content each one can offer.

In addition, the providers are becoming more and more cheeky: At Disney you have to pay the monthly fee in order to be able to spend another 20 euros on current films. And Joyn interrupts current programs with commercials despite the Plus + subscription.

If this continues, as a tech freak you have to wish back to the days when there was only linear television. By the way, my wallet already wants that today.



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