Street dogs kill sheep: loss of one and a half lakh rupees : Nattu Visesham

Kaypamangalam: A pack of dogs killed sheep in Mathilakath street. Tuki. Kalluparanpil Naseeb, a goat farmer, has about eleven goats. Six of them died on the spot.

The rest were injured and died in the brutal attack. Goats were reared in Naseeb’s house. The house was destroyed. By doing this, transfer two days to the nearest past holiday. was

Sheep are safe in a gated enclosure. The sound of attack at two o’clock yesterday morning Neighbors of Tunnarna know details of Nasib When he ran and opened the gate, a pack of dogs jumped on the back wall. It is said that he saw the rescue.

The wound is the neck of the sheep. Panchayat President Seenath Basheer visited the place. Goats were examined by veterinary department. About one and a half lakh rupees. Naseeb said that there is shame and that the injured sheep will be slaughtered and buried.


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