Striscia la Notizia, Tapiro for Federica Pellegrini who reveals: “The flirtation with Massimiliano Rosolino? Was there any kiss …”

After the one discussed ad Ambra Angiolini, the envoy of Strip the News Valerio Staffelli delivered a new Tapir, this time to Federica Pellegrini. The swimming champion ended up in the crosshairs of Antonio Ricci’s satirical news due to the statements made on her behalf by former colleague Massimiliano Rosolino who in an interview with Corriere della Sera said: “Faith either you love it or you hate it. It has always been placed on a pedestal. It is on top of it even now, let’s face it ”.

“Thanks for the Tapir, I really got a kick out of that day“, Commented Federica Pellegrini with Valerio Staffelli. “I was disappointed because when I meet him, Massimiliano is always very pleasant. I would have preferred those things to tell me face to face. Then he comes up with criticisms concerning a long time ago, I was 16, I had my temper, but in short, it didn’t seem the case… “. Then the revelation at the request of Staffelli: “Was there a flirtation between you? “ “He didn’t really tell the truth about that. Flirt is a big word. There have been a few kisses… But it was a long time ago“.

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