Strong enthusiasm of the Germans for the package at 9 euros, the trains crowded during the weekend of Pentecost

It allows unlimited use of regional trains. The Deutsche Bahn company estimated that it had achieved “a tour de force” during this test weekend.

The strong enthusiasm of the Germans for the subscription at 9 euros per month, allowing them to borrow regional trains at will, brought the rail network close to saturation during the Pentecost holidays, the company Deutsche Bahn considering that it had succeeded “a tour de forceduring this test weekend. If more than 6.5 million packages sold have been recorded by Deutsche Bahn, their real number should prove to be much higher since each public transport authority also offers them to its customers.

520,000 subscriptions sold the day before their entry into force

Thus in Berlin, it had already passed 520,000 on May 31, the day before its entry into force. To cope with the additional influx of travelers as the tourist season begins, the company has made around fifty additional trains available. This did not prevent congestion during the long weekend of Pentecost with crowded regional trains, in particular from Berlin Central Station to the seaside resorts of the Baltic Sea, and its share of disgruntled travellers. Many users traveling with their bicycles were unable to access the trains and seats were scarce. “With 86,000 trips, everything that can roll has rolled (…) during the long weekend“, explained Jörg Sandvoss, the boss of Deutsche Bahn Regio, quoted Tuesday in a press release.

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«We literally put everything we have in motion: trains, buses, service personnel“, he argued, saluting “the tour de force» accomplished by the staff during this first weekend. On the island of Sylt, dozens of punks met to challenge the wealthy clientele of this “Saint-Tropez of the North Sea“. The monthly ticket at 9 euros, available in June, July and August, is part of a package of exceptional measures adopted by Olaf Scholz’s coalition to relieve consumers in the face of inflation and soaring energy prices. energy. In the country of the queen car, the government, in which the Greens are one of the two partners of the Social Democrats, also intends to encourage more people to travel with buses, metros, trams and suburban or regional trains.

For weeks, the media and social networks have been enthusiastic about this pass, even if their holders must show patience and self-sacrifice to cross Germany. Thus, to connect Munich to Berlin, it takes about ten hours without delays, compared to 4 and a half hours with an ICE high-speed train.

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