strong protest with removal of veils for the death of the young woman detained for violating dress codes

Hundreds of people demonstrated in the street for the death of Mahsa Amini and were dispersed by the police with tear gas.

A large group of people, mostly women, starred in Iran powerful incidents with the police in the context of a protest for the death of Mahsa Amini, the 22-year-old who died after being arrested for violating a dress code in the country’s capital.

The clashes with the police authorities began on Saturday afternoon when the demonstration became more massive and those present began to shout “death to the dictator” while throwing stones at banners bearing photos of Iranian leaders.

In addition, by way of protest, the self-convened young women rebelled against the system and they removed the obligatory hijab, the garment worn incorrectly by the victim who died of a heart attack in police custody. Not having it is a punishable offense in Iran.

Mahsa Amini died after being detained by the “morality police” for breaking dress codes

When the protest reached this stage, the police officers began to disperse the demonstration held in Tehran using tear gas. Similar events happened in the other marches that multiplied throughout the nation.

In this sense, the demonstrators assured that it was the same authorities that beat Amini for wearing the veil incorrectly, causing her death. A version that the Tehran Police insists on denying.

The case provoked the outrage of activists and organizations, who called for justice and organized street protests.

The death of Mahsa Amini

Amini’s death was reported this Friday. The 22 year old died after “morality police” arrested her in Tehran for not wearing a veil correctly.

As it was known, the woman had gone to visit last Tuesday with her family to the country’s capital. That same day she was detained by the special police unit that is in charge of enforcing the strict clothing rules imposed on women. Among them, covering your hair with the hijab.

The Tehran Police said Thursday in an official statement that The young woman was detained along with other women so that they could receive “explanations and instructions” Regarding the appropriate dress code. “Suddenly, she suffered a heart problem and was immediately taken to hospital,” she explained.

Mahsa Amini died after being detained by the “morality police” for breaking dress codes

This Friday, they confirmed his death: “Unfortunately, he passed away and his body has been transferred to the medical-legal institute.” In addition, they were in charge of clarifying that there was no “physical contact” between the agents and the woman.

Mahsa Amini “as well as a certain number of people, due to wearing inappropriate clothing, was taken to one of the police headquarters”, but “suddenly fainted when she was with other people in a meeting room”, they specified. .

The authorities assured that the young woman suffered a heart attack at the police station, a version that is corroborated by a video broadcast on the networks. However, witnesses say that she was savagely beaten inside the patrol car before reaching the police headquarters.

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