Student (judge’s office) – Ramla Magistrate’s Court

basic requirements:

  • A law student studying at a higher education institution recognized by the Council for Higher Education, including a student studying for an additional bachelor’s degree or an additional master’s degree, or a student studying for a third degree recognized by the Council for Higher Education, or a student studying in the completion year for a master’s degree.

Attention – in accordance with the instruction of the Takshir 11.131:
A recent certificate of academic studies that supports the threshold requirements must be attached, as detailed above.

Desired skills and data:

  • Knowledge of the Hebrew language at a high level for written and oral expression.
  • Knowledge and experience working with databases.
  • Knowledge and experience with office programming or with other relevant information systems.
  • Familiarity with a computerized work environment.
  • Organizational ability, efficiency and resistance to work pressure.
  • A sense of service and the ability to work in a team.

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