Student school teacher commits suicide ..!

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In a sudden twist in the school student suicide case in Karur, a student educated school teacher committed suicide by hanging.

Record: November 24, 2021 23:56


A 17-year-old girl from a government colony near Karur was studying Plus 2 in Venneymalai private school. After going to school as usual and returning home in the evening, he suddenly committed suicide by hanging himself.

Following a complaint lodged at the Vengamedu police station, the police recovered the body and sent it to the Government Medical College Hospital for autopsy. Later, police investigated the cause of the suicide. Then I got a letter written by a student.

In the letter, she said, “I am the last girl to die of sexual harassment. I’m afraid to tell you who made this decision. I longed to live on this earth. Anyway, at least I’m not going anywhere. It would be nice to have the opportunity to live in this world for another time. Perusaki wants to help a lot of people. ஆனா முடியல. No girl should die like that anymore. Wing. ” Police are struggling to find the culprits in the matter.

Meanwhile, Saravanan, a math teacher at the school where the student was studying, committed suicide by hanging himself at his father-in-law’s house in Senkattupatti near Thuraiyur in Trichy district. Following this, the police arrived at the scene, seized the body and sent it to the Thuraiyur Government Hospital for autopsy. And is this the person mentioned in the student letter? Police are investigating.

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