Students being cheated on how to avoid online pitfalls

Students being cheated on how to avoid online pitfalls

2023-06-03 02:15:00

There are many incidents on social media student sexually assaulted, from being sexually harassed by a teacher to being sexually harassed at a part-time job. This situation is condemnable and becomes a concern for many students.

There have been many cases of students being sexually harassed. Photo: Internet

Far from home to the city to study, no longer surrounded by the hands of their parents, the students, especially the first-year students, could not help but be surprised by the strange change in a foreign land. Taking advantage of the children’s innocence, gullibility, and immaturity, many bad guys have flirtingintimidation to achieve the desired.

To avoid being sexually harassed in any environment, according to many netizens, the person being cheated on must be very alert.

“Sensitivity and sophistication are women’s strengths, most of us sisters are able to distinguish between jokes and real bad intentions. I myself must be alert enough to distinguish, and at the same time must tough with every word,” shared a Facebook account named TT.

One of the ways to avoid sexual harassment offered by many netizens is to neutralize the temptation from men by acting like you are of the same sex as them. No gentle gentle brother at all, please grandpa, strong fun like men together.

The second way: When you see signs of solicitation, be frank from the beginning, do it until it’s uncompromising but cultured.

As for the problem of online sexual harassment, the person being cheated on should avoid saying it over and over again, and at the same time must be firm and decisive from the beginning to avoid consequences later.

From the problem student Being deceived, many people find it difficult to avoid pitfalls on other social networks such as scams to appropriate property, spreading fake news on social networks to get likes, sell goods even to be famous, … .

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Many people still find it difficult to avoid the pitfalls on social networks. Photo: Internet

To avoid online pitfalls, many people, especially students, need to be alert when using social networks. Therefore, users of the internet and social networks must be really observant and have the necessary knowledge to ensure that they use cyberspace responsibly and do not violate the law.

Using social networks soberly, with a sense of responsibility, based on facts, refuting malicious, distorted and fabricated information is the basis for avoiding unfortunate consequences that may happen to you. , family and society.

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