Studio Kpmg, CEO confidence at the highest level. Nine out of 10 plan investments

Kpmg, CEO confidence at the highest level. Nine out of 10 plan investments

The Coronavirus in Italy and in the world continues to be scary, but the country has restarted with confidence on an economic level. Confirmation comes from an international study by KPMG. Despite the ‘Delta’ variant of COVID-19, CEOs of major companies globally are returning optimistic about the prospects for recovery in the global economy, restoring confidence to pre-pandemic levels. 60% of them are positive about the global growth of the next 3 years (only 42% was positive in January of this year), while almost 90% are optimistic about the growth prospects of their company. These are some of the results that emerge from the 7th edition of the “KPMG CEO Outlook 2021” study, which collects the responses of more than 1,300 CEOs of global companies with revenues exceeding $ 500 million, from 11 of the major global economies including ‘Italy.

Nearly 9 out of 10 CEOs are planning acquisitions over the next 3 years to accelerate the growth of their companies. In addition to acquisitions, it also focuses on alliances and joint ventures. For 69% of CEOs, alliances and joint ventures are also tools to be adopted with conviction. The results show that there is a lot of liquidity on the market and that companies need to accelerate their growth path, adopting inorganic growth strategies to expand into new markets or to acquire assets complementary to their core business, especially on digital issues.


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