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Mannar: Subhananda Gurudeva devotees burnt posters to protest against Lijo Jose Pellissery’s new film ‘Churuli’. The hymn ‘Anandam Paramanandam is my family’ written by Subhananda Gurudeva was filmed in the film against the backdrop of a toddy shop without the permission of the Ashram.

The poster was burnt at Mannar Kuttiyil junction. Rajesh Budhanoor, Manoj Parumala, Santosh Kuttamperur, Omanakuttan, Manu Mannar, Ajesh and Vinu spoke on the occasion. Kuttamperur Subhanandashram officials said that the incident will be brought to the notice of Minister Saji Cherian.

The scroll was unveiled on the 19th through the Sony Live OTT platform. The film stars Vinay Fort, Chemban Vinod, Jafar Idukki, Geethi Sam Geetha and Saubin Shahir in the lead roles.

Churuli was selected as the most popular film at the 25th International Film Festival (IFFK). The film is being produced by Lijo Pellisseries Movie Monastery, Chemboski and Opus Penta.

The background of the film is a forest. Madhu Neelakanthan is the cinematographer. Sound design by Ranganath Ravi. Following the film’s release, the film was criticized for its obscene / obscene language. Following this, the Censor Board came to the conclusion that the OTD version of Churuli was not certified.

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