“Submarines? Biden like Trump but without tweets”. France threatens NATO

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“Biden? It’s like Trump but no tweets.” The “serious crisis” opened by Australia, with the cancellation of a 66 billion dollar contract for the purchase of French submarines in favor of US supplies, opens a “serious crisis” that “will affect the future of NATO”. The French Foreign Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, does not collect the olive branch brought from the United States, which expressed the “hope” of resolving the dispute next week, at the United Nations General Assembly. Indeed, interviewed by France 2, he uses very harsh tones and comes to define as “ex partners” the three new signatories of an anti-Chinese alliance, the so-called ‘Aukus’, of which Europe had been kept in the dark. For the third of them, Great Britain, vitriolic words are reserved.

Le Drian explains that he has recalled the ambassadors in Washington and Canberra but not the one in London as Johnson’s government is only “the spare wheel” of the new tripartite partnership and Paris is used to the “permanent opportunism” of the United Kingdom . Johnson’s promises about a “special friendship” between the United Kingdom turn out to be words to the wind for Paris. “When we see the President of the United States together with the Australian Prime Minister announce a new agreement with Boris Johnson, the breach of trust is profound”, added the minister, “in a true alliance we talk to each other, we do not hide things. , the other side is respected and this is the reason why this is a real crisis, a serious crisis, which NATO will have to take into account “.

The USA and Australia are bluntly accused by Le Drian of “lies and duplicity”. “It was a huge breach of trust, it was an outrage”, concluded the head of transalpine diplomacy, “this is not right”. As was evident from the tones used on Friday at the EuMed summit by the French president, Emmanuel Macron, and his counterparts, starting with the Spanish premier Pedro Sanchez, the project of a joint European defense seems to have found in the “submarine crisis” the spark to really ignite. This is also what Le Drian refers to when he states that France “is not alone” in this crisis which is “far from over”. The attitude of Germany, which has always been lukewarm in the face of this prospect, will be fundamental, also because the poor state of its armed forces would force it, in such a context, to play a role for once. second place compared to France and Italy.

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