Subway Surfers hits 4 billion downloads ahead of May 11th birthday

Subway Surfers hits 4 billion downloads ahead of May 11th birthday

“It’s been almost 11 years since Subway Surfers has been released for the first time,” reported Subway Surfers at the Game Developers Conference. GDC 2023 who has released a statement on such issues with new location theme updates within the game, that is Underwater Theme or underwater world theme last week

Subway Surfers debuted as a Endless Runner Game (endless running game) on May 24, 2012 Under the development company from Denmark called SYBO and received consistently positive feedback Including being very successful, especially in the year 2022 ranked as Most Downloaded Games that year as well

side Mathias Gredal Nørvig CEO of SYBO said, “The past 10 years have been more than just pride. More than 4 billion downloads It is one of the proofs. Including a memorial to engrave our achievements forever.”

“However, all of the above will never happen. Without the mercy of all users or players who can be considered part of our journey on this road. We are overwhelmed and very grateful.”

Subway Surfers now has more active users. 20 million daily and up to 150 million monthly Which SYBO believes this is due to the modern and fresh style of the game. that are always updated Including a strong strategy to engage SYBO players who are always ready to improve, change and evolve. based on the needs of the players as well

Another important factor that makes Subway Surfers successful is the viral trend on TikTok and YouTube In the past 2022, with total video views more than a month 31 million times and 320 million times respectively

In addition, SYBO has developed and created another new game. to reinforce such success and included in the service Apple Arcade from Apple especially like games Subway Surfers Tag In the summer of last year, too.

can download Subway Surfers and go out for an Endless Run now at Android , iOS


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