Sudden death of 63 chickens in Odisha. | 63 chickens died due to heart attack in Odisha

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Published: Saturday, November 27, 2021, 15:40 [IST]

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Bhubaneswar: You may have heard in the news that people have died of heart attacks. You will be watching. Have you heard of chickens dying of heart attacks? A poultry owner said such an incident had taken place in Odisha.

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Ranjit Barida hails from a village in the Balasore district of Odisha. He runs a poultry farm in the same area. He has been raising more than a thousand broiler chickens.

63 chickens killed

63 chickens killed

Last Sunday night, 63 broiler chickens on Ranjit Parida’s farm mysteriously died. Thus he was shocked. A wedding ceremony was held at the house next door. Musical instruments were played in it with a loud noise. Ranjit Parida has blamed his chickens for the heart attack and death due to the noise.

Music noise

Music noise

” At about 11pm on Sunday night, a wedding party from the nearby village of Maidapur came to my village playing DJ music. Also, loud firecrackers exploded. I asked the people at the wedding procession to turn down the volume as the music was disturbing to the 2000 broiler chickens on my farm.

Confirmed by the veterinarian

Confirmed by the veterinarian

But some of the drunkards scolded me with inappropriate words. The hens on the farm started running away in fear due to the high noise. An hour later, 63 chickens died tragically. ‘ When Ranjit Barida consulted with a local veterinarian about this, he apparently was shocked by the loud noise and said that they were dead.

Police report

Police report

Following this, Ranjith Paritha, the owner of the poultry farm, has sought compensation from Ramachandra Paritha, a neighbor who caused the death of the chickens. But Ramachandra Parita refused to pay compensation. “It simply came to our notice then. When chickens are being carried from one place to another in the midst of heavy traffic noise, how can the chickens die only by the sound of music when they are not yet dead? ” Ramachandra Parida asked. Ranjith Barida has lodged a complaint against Ramachandra Barida with the local police. Police have registered a case and are investigating.

English summary

In the state of Orissa, 63 chickens died due to heart attack. Musical instruments were played with a loud noise at the wedding ceremony. The owner of the poultry farm has blamed that his chickens died of heart attack due to this noise

Story first published: Saturday, November 27, 2021, 15:40 [IST]

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