Sudden eruption … 75 people trapped at a depth of 820 feet

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Seventy-five coal miners are reported to be trapped underground after an explosion and fire in Siberia.

Eleven people were killed in the incident and 35 are still trapped inside the mine. The accident took place at a coal mine located in the Kemerovo region of Russia.

So far 11 people have been reported dead, but authorities have not confirmed it. All those rescued so far have been rushed to hospitals immediately due to injuries.

Workers have been warned of a possible methane leak, but executives have not been asked to stop working.

In this case, there was an explosion in the outlet area and a fire broke out. A local newspaper reported that the explosion may have been caused by equipment malfunction or natural causes.

Also, rescue operations are said to have been delayed due to the severe cold. Not only that but 236 people are said to have been rescued so far, while 75 are still said to be trapped in the mine. But Russian officials say only 45 have been killed.


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