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BOLZANO. Sudtirol drew 1-1 at home with FeralpiSalò and remained firmly in command of the league table of group A of Serie C.

The bolzanini remain undefeated but see three more points fade away in the last minutes. At the “Druso”, FeralpiSalò stops the leaders at 1-1 with the equal of Balestrero in the 85th minute after the advantage of Broh and gives a chance to the main pursuers.

Renate just needs a goal to get the better of Giana Erminio and shorten to -5, Padua are seven points behind (1-3 in Piacenza) but with one match less.

Albinoleffe does not go beyond 0-0 against the rear Pro Sesto, who also gnaws a point at Mantova (defeated 1-0 by Virtus Verona).

Pro Vercelli collapses 4-0 against Pergolettese and is overtaken by Juventus U23, who won 2-1 over Fiorenzuola.

Dry success of Trento over Lecco (3-0), no goals in Pro Patria-Seregno. On Monday the postponement Legnago Salus-Triestina.


SUDTIROL (4-3-2-1): Poluzzi 6; De Col 6.5 (14 ‘st Malomo 6), Zaro 6.5, Curto 6.5, Davi 6; Tait 5.5, Moscati 6 (28 ‘st Gatto sv), Broh 6.5 (35’ st Fabbri sv); Rover 6.5, Casiraghi 5.5 (28 ‘st Voltan sv); Fischnaller 5.5 (35 ‘st Odogwu sv). On the bench: Meli, Marano, Vinetot, Fink, Candellone. Coach: Javorcic 6.

FERALPISALO ‘(4-3-1-2): Liverani 6; Bergonzi 6, Pisano 6 (17 ‘st Legati 6), Bacchetti 6, Corrado 6; Di Molfetta 5.5 (28 ‘st Corradi sv), Carraro 6, Balestrero 6.5; Guidetti 5.5 (35 ‘st Hergheligu sv); Luppi 6 (17 ‘st Guerra 6), Spagnoli 5 (28’ st Miracoli sv). On the bench: Porro, Bassi, Brogni, Suagher, Cristini, Salines, Damonte. Coach: Old 6.

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REFEREE: Daniele Rutella from Enna 6.

RETI: 14 ‘pt Broh, 40’ st Balestrero.

NOTES: sunny afternoon and mild temperature. Land in good condition. Approximately 2,000 spectators. At 20 ‘st the manager accompanying Feralpisalò Magoni was expelled from the bench. Booked: Fischnaller, Tait, Curto, Poluzzi, Bergonzi and Carraro. Corners: 5-4 for Feralpisalò. Stoppage time: 2 ‘, 4’.

RANKING: Sudtirol 37 points; Renate 32; Padua 30; Feralpisalò 29; Albinoleffe 22; Juventus U23 21; Pro Vercelli, Triestina 20; Trento 19; Virtusvecomp, Lecco, Piacenza 17; Seregno, Fiorenzuola, Pergolettese 16; Pro Patria 15; Legnago, Mantua 14; Giana Erminio, Pro Sesto 12. Padova and Juve U23 one game less Pergolettese two penalty points.

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