PERUGIA. The golden moment of Südtirol, defeated 1 to 0 by Perugia, stops in Umbria. But the South Tyroleans can only complain about the capital performance that did not bring any points.

It was an episode that decided the fate of a balanced race. On the 32nd day of the Serie C championship, group B, 13th of the second round, on the ground of the “Renato Curi” in the Umbrian capital the “Grifoni” of Fabio Caserta and the red and white of Mr. Stefano Vecchi challenged each other in a high ranking match and of high interest. It was the hosts who came out on top, with not a few complaints from the guests, authors of a capital test.

In fact, it was Vecchi’s team that made the match and put the hosts in trouble, who were able to take advantage of the first chance of the match. At 29 ‘the Umbrians – after having been at the mercy of the guests for a long time – passed thanks to a counter from Monaco, quick to pick up and bag a shot from Murano rejected by Poluzzi. There is nothing left for the South Tyroleans to do but seek a draw several times, but without succeeding.

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